Beautiful grass, for memories that last.
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Based in Valrico, FL

About Our Company

In 2008 two 14-year olds and one 12-year old decided they wanted some good gifts for Christmas that year. So they started "JDC Raking Company". With a $50 loan, a trip to Home-Depot, and motivation in their hearts, they began their entrepreneurial journey. One-year later they were given their first riding lawn mower and began into the lawn care Industry. While continuing the business through school, they learned the keys to performing high quality, precision lawn care. After graduating college, they launched Trimen Precision Lawn Care!

Are you tired of spending hours mowing your lawn every weekend?
Take back your free time by having us take care of your lawn!

Why Choose Us?

Specialized Company
We are a precision lawn care company that specializes in residential and commercial lawn care
Quality assurance
We keep an eye for details to insure that your lawn is pristine. Our commitment to providing service with the utmost quality has distinguish us as a company that our clients can trust.
Licensed & Insured
We are fully licensed, and insured
Free Consultations
We offer free lawn diagnostics. We then give you a choice on different plans that you will feel comfortable with
Dependable Services
Never have to worry about reliability of lawn care again. We insure that your lawn will look beautiful year round, without gaps or no shows
Our guarantee
After we have finished the work, if there is anything we missed, we will fix it at no extra charge to you

One of our very happy clients

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